Your Grandkids Will Probably Think These Are Old Coins! But I Bet You Don’t

Technological advancements happen so fast that it is nearly impossible for us to keep up with them. Those advancements change our lives, both in a positive way and in a frustrating way. We have all been touched by technology in one way or another. One example of how something has drastically advanced is our ability to listen to any song at any time we want to hear it. Years ago, we had to listen to the radio for quite some time before the song we wanted to hear was played. Every now and then, it’s a good idea to look back on what we had and try to appreciate the simple things while understanding the complexity of those same things at the same time.

That is exactly the case with these objects that look like old coins. In reality, they are something far more different. Not that long ago, almost every girl learned how to sew. All of the essentials came with it and were kept in a sewing kit. The kit included scissors, a pin cushion, pins, needles, and a measuring tape. There is one item that someone might fail to recognize, and that is a needle threader. There are very few people who may still use needle threaders to this day. The coin-shaped object has a very thin wire, and it is shaped like a diamond. Another thing you probably wouldn’t recognize is tailor’s chalk.

Kid’s these days would also find it hard to recognize certain items. These include:

1. These were bottle openers that you had to have before twist-offs or pull-tabs existed because that was how you opened a can or bottle.

2. Record adapters: These could be easily mistaken for fidgit spinners. Not many people use records in this day and age, so these adapters are rare in circulation. Record adapters were used if you put a record onto the record player that was the wrong size. You could use an adapter to get it to fit.

3. Wonder Sauna Hotpants: These were around in the 1970’s. People rarely wear them outside of their homes, but they were supposed to help you lose weight. These inflatable pants were very popular, but they were only a fad. The whole idea behind these inflatable pants is that they would melt stomach fat and thigh fat while you worked around the house. Today, we choose to recognize that diet and exercise are the only ways to really lose weight.

All of these items are considered from the “good old days,” but for the younger generation, it blows their mind that these objects even existed. We could have experienced this by looking through an old box and finding something that was popular at one time, but hardly anyone knows what it even is in today’s day and age. It could be a sentimental feeling in many cases, but sometimes we wonder, How were we able to survive in the first place?

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