My Boyfriend ‘Forgets’ His Credit Card Every Time We Go Out To Eat, So I Have To Pay For Everyone

A 32-year-old woman sought advice on Reddit after facing a recurring issue during her nine-month relationship with her 39-year-old boyfriend and his two children.

The couple enjoyed frequent outings, especially with the boyfriend’s kids who loved going to restaurants weekly. However, a problematic pattern emerged as the boyfriend consistently “forgot” his credit card, leaving the woman to foot the bill each time.

Initially tolerating the situation, the financial strain became overwhelming when she realized she covered multiple dinners on her own in the past month. The breaking point came during a night out with the children when, armed with a reminder text, the boyfriend once again forgot his wallet.

Feeling taken advantage of, frustrated, and after confronting the issue multiple times, the woman decided to leave the restaurant, leading to a heated argument with her boyfriend who accused her of selfishness. He claimed her actions caused his children to go hungry as he had to cancel their food order.

Seeking guidance on Reddit, members of the community shared various opinions, with many suggesting the boyfriend might be taking advantage of her financially. The central question posed was whether the woman’s decision to leave the dinner was appropriate or if she should have paid for them and addressed the matter later.

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