Man Refuses to Leave His Beloved despite Her Damaged Looks & Marries Her – They Welcome 2 Cute Kids

When Michael met Turia, she was a stunning beauty who immediately stole his heart. Sadly, in 2011, a brutal fire damaged her looks beyond recognition. Four years later, when asked if he would leave her after the tragedy, Michael’s response touched everyone profoundly.

For many individuals, the initial focus of falling in love often centers on a person’s facial features and physical allure. Yet, as time progresses, these superficial aspects fade, making room for a search for more profound qualities such as personality, dreams, goals, and shared values.

Despite these ideals, embracing someone for their beautiful heart and soul can seem like a lofty idea. While many may profess to love someone for their true self, only a select few genuinely embody this sentiment.

The Tragic Accident

When a devastating fire altered nearly 65 percent of his wife’s body, Michael Hoskin made the choice to remain by her side for the remainder of their lives. When questioned about the possibility of leaving her, his response was: “I was attracted to her soul, and her character. She’s the only woman that will continue to fulfill my dreams.”

Pitt and Hoskin are parents to two kids.

Hoskin’s wife, Turia Pitt, reportedly found herself trapped by a wildfire during an ultramarathon in Kimberley, Western Australia, in 2011. This incident led to the loss of the fingers and thumb on her right hand, and she underwent a five-month hospitalization.

Living the Best Life
Pitt, born in Tahiti, relocated to Australia with her parents at the age of three. She spent her childhood in the coastal town of Ulladulla in New South Wales, where she crossed paths with Michael Hoskin at school. Reflecting on her life with Hoskin, she mentioned:

“We’ve been through something catastrophic and extremely traumatic and, this may sound naff, but we’re living our best lives and we’re happy.”


Before the tragic grassfire altered her life, Pitt had been poised to pursue her dream job at Rio Tinto and embark on a new life with her now-husband, Hoskin. After the incident, she underwent nearly two years of reconstructive surgeries and physiotherapy.

A Romantic Proposal
In a May 2022 podcast, Pitt looked back on her incredible relationship with Hoskin. She acknowledged feeling a profound sense of guilt after the fire disaster, recognizing its impact on Hoskin’s life. Pitt revealed her attempts to push him away, explaining that Hoskin, known for his calm and humble nature, persisted in his support.She recounted instances when he would arrive at 7:30 in the morning, and she, overwhelmed by guilt, would tell him, “What are you doing here? Go away! I don’t want you here!” Pitt believed it would be easier for her if she didn’t have someone who loved her.

But in an admirable move, Hoskin gave up his job as a former police officer to take care of Pitt, who triumphed against all odds. He steadfastly held onto Pitt’s hand, culminating in a romantic proposal in the Maldives in July 2015.


The charming couple exchanged vows in 2016. Reflecting on his stunning wife, Hoskin remarked: “She doesn’t want people to feel sorry for her. She just wants to get on with her life. She’s beautiful, you know, she’s amazing.” Hoskin also disclosed that he had purchased the diamond ring for his beloved back in 2011 when she was admitted to the intensive care unit.

Beautiful Family
Pitt and Hoskin are parents to two kids. Their first son, Hakavai, was born in December 2017, and their second child, a baby boy named Rahiti, joined the family in February 2020. In an exclusive interview, Pitt shared her thoughts on parenthood:

“The main thing I want to teach my kids is resilience – the belief that they not only will go through hard times, but that they can. I’m really passionate about that.”

In addition to enjoying the love and affection of her husband, Pitt was fortunate to have a mother who instilled in her the values of strength and courage. From her early childhood, Pitt’s mom provided unwavering support, helping her become the woman she was destined to be.

Certainly, Hoskin’s steadfast love and support played a crucial role in enabling Pitt not only to overcome the emotional trauma of her devastating accident but also to perceive life from a different perspective.

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