“I’m leaving you all,” says Whoopi Goldberg as she leaves “The View” amid the Miranda Lambert scandal.

People watching “The View” were shocked when co-host Whoopi Goldberg walked off the stage during a live show this week. This was in response to the debate surrounding singer Miranda Lambert, who stopped one of her recent concerts to scold fans for taking selfies during the show. Even though many reviewers wanted her to, Whoopi Goldberg only walked off as a joke and wasn’t really leaving the show. As the co-hosts talked about the problem with Miranda Lambert, videos of Whoopi Goldberg leaving “The View” went viral on the Internet. This made many critics hope for a subtle moment or three.

Miranda Lambert was in the news for a while because she stopped her show to yell at some fans who wanted to take selfies at an event. Miranda Lambert tickets probably cost more than a few dollars, and people often take pictures at shows to post on social media or keep as a memory.

‘The View’ co-hosts talked about Miranda Lambert’s behaviour and whether she should have interrupted the show to yell at people. They also talked about whether people should be taking selfies at shows, among other things. There were a lot of mixed feelings that made Whoopi stand up, walk towards the crowd, and say, “I’m leaving you all.”

When they talked about Miranda Lambert’s difficult situation, co-host Alyssa Farah Gryphon tried to see things from both sides. Gryphon said Lambert should not call out people who paid a lot of money to see her perform because it makes fans look bad, especially if the people in question are just taking selfies and not bothering other fans.

This is when Whoopi Goldberg joins in and says the fans who are taking selfies are rude. “They bought tickets and came to see her, so she’s singing,” Whoopi said. Respect them at least a little… Know that she can see you and that you can see her.

Sara Haines, another host, said that the fans Miranda Lambert yelled at were sitting pretty close to the stage when the picture happened. But did that mean the famous singer should have yelled at them, stopped the show, and made a scene? Some people think that, and a story on Page Six about the Whoopi Goldberg walk off said that Sunny Hostin seemed to imply that Miranda Lambert is in the wrong.

A person named Sunny Hostin told Page Six how much the VIP tickets were at the venue where Miranda Lambert was scolded for taking selfies. “Tix for the VIP area where they were are very expensive at $757.” If I pay $757, I’ll take as many selfies as I want. Sorry, it’s just me.”

If you think that’s too much, just think about how much I’d have to be sure I had some pictures of the show if I paid that much for one. If it cost that much, I’d take as many pictures as I want without worrying about Miranda Lambert warning me.

I agree that “I paid for this, so I want a picture or two of it,” but I wouldn’t take selfies all night. There’s a difference. Do not forget to enjoy the show and live in the present. Fans can get the most out of an event without having to deal with an over-the-top singer making them look bad in public.

Now things get good. Someone called Sunny Hostin off, and Whoopi Goldberg told them to “stay home” if they can’t stop taking selfies. Goldberg said that fans should pay attention to the performer, and Sunny Hostin began to defend her position in the Miranda Lambert fight. That’s when Whoopi Goldberg finally got up, walked over to the live audience, and took a selfie with someone there to make her point. Did it work, though? You decide what to do.

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