Gwen Stefani Seen without Makeup at Her Farm – ‘Blake Is Lucky He Gets to See This Version of You,’ Fan Reacts

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton shared a video of them decorating their home for the fall season. Stefani was seen without make-up in the video, and fans loved to see the singer’s bare face and watch her tap into her countryside.Gwen Stefani has been open about her love for makeup and recently launched her makeup brand. However, her husband, Blake Shelton, also revealed that his favorite look on his wife is when she has no makeup.


Fans who love Stefani for her iconic red lipstick have often wondered if the singer had make-up-free days. Therefore, the singer’s supporters were in absolute shock when they saw Stefani in her natural habitat with no makeup while driving around the farm looking for fall decorations.

Stefani shared a video of her and Shelton harvesting pumpkins and gathering natural decorations for the fall season. The fashion designer was seen in a sun hat, a white vest, loose navy pants, and cowboy boots.

However, what fans loved to see the most was her makeup-free face. “I think she’s even more gorgeous with no makeup! Remarked a commenter. “There’s not even a smudge of makeup on those lashes – gorgeous,” added another fan.In addition to seeing Stefani with no makeup, her fans loved to see her doing regular things around the house. “Wow, it’s like y’all are regular people doing life like we do,” wrote a commenter, while another added, “Blake is lucky he Gets to see this version of you.”

Fans enjoyed seeing Stefani, who was accustomed to her life in California, take on some country-girl tasks in her Oklahoma home. “Gwen, you are gorgeous as a farmer,” added a fan as they continued to point out how happy the couple looked.

Gwen Stefani on Living a Quieter Life
When Stefani was growing up, she would watch her parents spend most of their days in the garden. At the time, she did not understand the fascination around having a garden and even swore she would not grow a single tree at her house.However, life in Oklahoma has changed that perspective. The singer even refers to herself as a “flower snob” and brags about the variety of flowers she grows at her home. Now, gardening with her husband is one of her favorite things.Stefani is watching her life become less Hollywood and confessed that she did not see her and Blake living this kind of life. However, it has been amazing to experience love from a different perspective and adjust to Blake’s quiet country life.

Before being seen getting dirty around the farm, Stefani had said, “I am not really a dirt person, a bug person. I don’t like much humidity.”

Regarding her love for makeup, Stefani still believes that wearing makeup is one the easiest ways to feel beautiful no matter what age you are. “It’s part of [me] putting the armor on and getting ready to do what I do and be that version of me,” she explained.As she gets older, the 54-year-old admitted that waking up and feeling good about herself was getting harder, but Stefani wanted her makeup brand to give women confidence.

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