A stingy husband wanted to get buried with all his money – the wise revenge of the widow was simply ingenious

It can certainly be annoying if you have a stingy spouse. Naturally, people are free to spend their money the way they want, but things change when you are in a relationship.

He was realy stingy about his money. He loved money more than anything else.

One day, the man got ill. The doctors told him he did not have much time to live.

And after he discovered this, the first thing he said to his wife was, “Listen, when I die I want you to take all my money and put it in my coffin with me because I want to take all my money into the next world”.

“I promise”, said the woman, who would now have to live a poor life as a widow.

“Are you crazy ?!”

Shortly thereafter, the husband died. The funeral took place in a local church.

He was lying in the coffin, the woman sitting in the front row dressed in black, with her good friend sitting there. When the ceremony ended, just before they were about to bury him in the ground, the woman said, “Wait a minute!”.

She held a shoebox, she went to the cupboard and put the box inside. The gravediggers locked the coffin and took it.

Her friend said, “What was inside the shoe box?”

The widow replied, “He wanted to be buried with all his money, so I put it inside”.

“Are you crazy? You buried that miser with all his money?”

She replied, “Yes, I promised, I’m a believer, I can’t lie, I promised I would put that money with him in the coffin”.

“But he was rich, how did you manage to fit everything into a shoebox?”

“Well, that was a problem”, said the widow. “So I collected all the money, put it in my bank account, and wrote him a check…”.

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