A man bought an old farmhouse to tear down, began to dismantle the barn and found one of the most expensive things in the world

Mark Benton was buying an old farm to demolish. He was primarily interested in the land. Already before the start of work, something prompted the man to the idea to study the contents of the barn built on the outskirts.

The gates opened with a creak and behind them, Mark was surprised to see one of the most expensive cars in the world, produced in 1959. It was in this year that Jaguar launched the Mark 2 sedan, which is uncharacteristic for the brand. The company sought to win a new audience.

The designers combined an elegant representative body with a powerful engine: the engine of the Jaguar XK sports car was installed on the Jaguar Mark 2, which instantly made it one of the fastest cars on the market of that time.

Sedans were released a little, almost all of them remained in their native England. Therefore, Mark was surprised when he found one of the rare Jaguars on a long-abandoned farm in Iowa, a state that Americans themselves consider, to put it mildly, remote from cultural centers. The car is superbly preserved, especially considering the decades it spent in a wooden shed.

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