Meet the world’s only brown panda that’s happily living in his panda valley

Being one of a kind doesn’t usually come as a blessing, even less for a wild animal. A very unique looking mostly comes with some tough challenges, so naturally when you’re the only brown panda in the world it is not just milk and honey.

A gentle giant, Qizai is different. It is how he was born. Yet, he had to learn how to deal in a tough world, on the hard way, though. All because of his unusual coat. Because of a very rare genetic condition, the adorable animal was born with a brown and white coat instead of black-white as the pandas usually comes. The consequences have been dramatic for the tiny panda. He was not only abandoned by his own mother, when he was a couple of months old, but he was also excluded by his group.

What goes around comes around and thankfully for Qizai, the odds finally turned into his favor once he was found and rescued by a group of kind people. Thanks to them, Qizai’s life dramatically improved and he now lives the happy life he always deserved.

Qizai, whose name means ‘the seventh son’ was born in a natural reserve in the Qingling Mountains, Central China and even his mom was a black and white panda, he came out on this world brown leaving researchers completely baffled.

Now, Qizai has his very own panda valley where he lives peacefully. Foping Panda Valley in the Chinese province Shaanxi is the place where the only brown panda in the world gets spoiled with plenty of his favorite food (bamboo, milk and Chinese flour buns) and showered with endless love and affection. His personal caretaker, 26-year-old Foping native He Xin, is responsible for that. He also thinks that his furry friend is the most adorable panda on Earth, if not the most adorable animal.

He is slower than the other pandas, but he is also cuter,” He Xin explained for MailOnline. “He’s gentle and funny, and of course so adorable. All pandas here have names. When I call out their names, the other black-and-white pandas would react and come to me quickly, but for Qizai, it usually takes sometime to him to realise that. He eats more slowly than the other too.

More about his unique panda in the video bellow!


One of a kind golden tiger captured on camera in Indian forests

If white lions and melanistic tiger are considered a rarity, what remains to be said about a golden tiger? This majestic wild cat is as rare as it sounds, as so far it is the only one in the world with such a spectacular coat color


Naturally, when such a unique creature is captured on camera for the very first time, ever, it goes viral. The golden tiger was spotted in the Kaziranga National Park, Assam, India, by the wildlife photographer Mayuresh Hendre. The breathtaking snaps have then aired on Twitter, after an Indian Forest Services officer, Parveen Kaswan, decided to share them.

The photos immediately sparked a debate among wildlife enthusiasts that were wondering if they are actually real since none of golden tiger was known to live in the wild. And indeed, this magical creature is the only golden tiger captured on camera in the 21st century.

So far, it is unclear what may had caused the tiger’s spectacular color, but some think it might be the result of a recessive gene, just like ta albinism, leucism or melanism.